Decision Fatigue: The Hidden Hurdle

  Creating Change Through The Brain Most people step into a gym for the first time in an attempt to change something about themselves they don’t particularly like. Whether you are beginning a fitness routine for weight loss, pain loss, or simply to appease a friend, the goal is to change something significant about yourself – and change soaks up… Continue Reading

Welcome to the first ‘official’ “Ask Amy the RD” feature post. Today we’re going to answer a question that comes up A LOT. Hold on to your britches – here we go! Amy, So I was wondering if potatoes are “paleo”. Occasionally I will see potato recipes in paleo magazines, but I’ve often heard that they… Continue Reading

Hey folks! I know my posts have been few and far between lately and there are a couple reasons for that: 1. Life – it’s busy sometimes. 2. Work – the 40 hour/week gig really cramps my style. 3. (And this one’s a biggie.) Coming up with a topic that YOU actually want/need to hear… Continue Reading

One of the biggest problems I had with the nutrition education that I received during my path to become a registered dietitian wasn’t the low fat, high carb recommendations. I was fully prepared for hearing that stuff. Instead, it was the “everything in moderation” approach to weight loss counseling that I had the biggest issue… Continue Reading

I’m going to issue a warning right off the bat – this is not going to be pretty. First I need you to reread the title of this post. Okay, now I need you to really think about if you’re ready to hear what I’ve got to say about the subject mentioned. If you think… Continue Reading

What if I told you there was a drug that was called “Disaster”. This drug was promoted by many media outlets, was endorsed by medical professionals, and was supposed to be completely safe in “reasonable doses”. Adults and children largely consumed “disaster” as a recreational drug, on a daily basis. It changed hormonal signaling, caused… Continue Reading

All right, I know that if you’re reading this you’re probably convinced that paleo is like the best damn thing since sliced bacon. I also know that a lot of you think that you have it totally figured out and that there’s no question in your mind that you’re doing everything exactly right. While you… Continue Reading

  Guest post written by: Vanessa Lambert   Mindfulness Matters   As seekers of wellness continue to peel back layers to become more and more dialed in to their bodies, they tend to recognize the importance of mindfulness, even if they can’t quite put their finger on it. It usually creeps slowly into the dialog… Continue Reading

Guest post written by: John Fawkes So you’ve adopted a paleo diet. Grains, milk and legumes are out, meat, vegetables and nuts are in. You’re starting to lose weight, feel better, sleep better, and your digestion is notably improved. But then something happens…you have to go out to eat with friends. Like a good paleo… Continue Reading

Guest post written by: Dr. Amy Shah   Those little critters that live deep in your bowels — i.e. gut microbiota — are all the rage in medicine right now. In fact, fecal transplants (yes, it is what it sounds like) have been PROVEN to cure certain diseases that antibiotics can’t even touch. But recently… Continue Reading

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