Overeating and Brain Evolution: The Omnivores REAL Dilemma.

New tastes, textures and combinations are rewarded via the dopaminergic centers of the brain, just like hookers and cocaine. Continue Reading

Guest post written by: Jason Seib   I have something that I need to share with you. There has been a slow evolution throughout my career as a fat loss coach – one that took me to a place where entirely different kinds of questions must be asked. Let’s start with the ‘why’ question that… Continue Reading

  Guest post by: James Swanwick   Alcohol. Most of us love a glass of wine over dinner. Or a cold beer on a hot summer’s day. In moderation, it can make us feel good. It’s part of our culture. We enjoy sharing a few drinks with friends. But what happens to you physically and… Continue Reading

All Right folks, hang on to your britches.  It’s been a while since I’ve gone on an epic rant about a food related topic, but it’s about to go down. I’m not changing my overall philosophy and still believe that there are no EVIL foods, BUT there are a few things that need to be… Continue Reading

Moving SUCKS. I mean really, does anyone actually enjoy the process of loading everything they own into a vehicle, U-Haul or truck only to have to unload it and put it all away again somewhere else? If anyone said yes, they probably have never actually had to do it. But the only times we move… Continue Reading

Guest post from our friends Stephan Guyenet and Dan Pardi Also be sure to check out the podcast with Robb, Stephan, and Dan embedded at the bottom of the page.   As we approach 2015, many people are thinking about their resolutions for the year, which often include weight loss. Weight loss and long-term maintenance… Continue Reading

  So, recently (well actually it was back in October, it’s just taken me this long to actually write something…), I did some traveling that required a flight from DIA (the Denver airport) to Minneapolis-St.Paul to do a little seminar for Crossfit Twin Cities. This excursion required that I park the G6 (my money car… Continue Reading

Guest post by: Nate Miyaki   Let’s say I am a mixed martial artist going through a 12-week training camp to prepare for a fight. What would happen if all I did were Ron-Burgundy-style body sculpting exercises, but never did any sparring or conditioning drills? I’d have an awesome moustache and a glorious gun show… Continue Reading

Day 30 Challenge: Evaluate your situation and progress. Ask yourself – “How do I feel and where are my energy levels now compared to when I started making these changes?” or “Has my gym performance and/or how my clothes fit changed since I have been eating better?” If you like your answers to these questions… Continue Reading

Day 29 Challenge: Play the “what if” game. What if you forgot your lunch for work today?  What would be your fallback plan? Where would you go and what would you buy? How far are you away from a grocery store, restaurant with healthy options or a foil packet of tuna? Have a plan for… Continue Reading

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