Lou Mars: Day 4!!

Lou is still crushing it! He is always over 90 db, but those are his SLOW quiet songs. When Lou is playing a song he really likes its 100-110 or more. Previous Drum attempts (taking nothing away from these outstanding efforts) were NOT playing anywhere near this level. As a Coach I have been PISSED at Lou… Continue Reading

We had dancers from 1am till about 6am. It helped. Lou is hanging tough. The EARLY morning can be tough for him but a gym full of supporters made night 2 easier than night 1. That’s good! A big thank-you to Nutri-Shop of Chico for donating some fantastic meal replacements. Continue Reading

Hopefully you were able to catch some of the stream of Lou’s first day working towards breaking the Guinness Book Marathon Drumming Record! Here is a link to that if by some act of God you did not find it here or on facebook or twitter. In addition to the live stream we have received… Continue Reading

Lou Mars kicked of his assault on the Marathon Drumming record, currently set at 120 hrs. If I do this correctly, you should be able to wath Lou play live as well as chat with him (really us, but we will relay your questions and support to Lou). Live TV : Ustream Continue Reading

You may all lose faith in me and my abilities to write the book after I tell you this story. I spent over a month outlining the project. After about 5 failed attempts to ge the book going. I’m not used to organizing this much material and it’s tough to keep everything straight. So, I… Continue Reading

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